Are you building the life you want?

Or are you building a life others want for you?

I had asked myself this question a few years ago. When I considered the various parts of my life - my career and finances, family and relationships, purpose and spirituality - the answer gravitated toward the latter more than I'd like to admit.

Perhaps you can relate.

You may be tired of running the rat race and climbing the corporate ladder. Of faking smiles and going through the motions. Of keeping up with your peers or carrying the weight of your parents' dreams. Of building a life others want for you.

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I write about building meaningful careers and genuine relationships. Through stories and insights, I help people make decisions with clarity, pursue goals with confidence, and approach life with conviction. So they can build the life they want.

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About the Author

Hi, I’m Chris. My professional background is in health technology. I’ve worked across the healthcare ecosystem - from a community clinic to an academic medical center, from an early-stage tech startup to a Fortune 20 insurance company.

My passion is to help others live with integrity and intentionality - to overcome their self-limiting assumptions and thrive. I’ve been quoted on career and personal growth in outlets including Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and HuffPost.

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Christopher K. Lee

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